The Mission of The Gentlemen’s League is to create a lifestyle of culture, art and ideas mixed where originality and authenticity is embraced across all mediums. Part design firm, atelier, art studio and creative lab, the League’s mission is to bring together and support creativity and self-expression. We return to a time when artistic vision, craftsmanship and quality were the true marks of personal style and substance

The ideal is beautifully expressed in the premier offering from The Gentlemen’s League: the Signature Bag, a custom, one of a kind art accessory.


Seth Stevens Launched The Gentlemen’s League in New York in 2008 to create a new luxury handbag collection that combined his love of art and design. Stevens’ grandfather was a muralist and late father an industrial designer. The design of the bag was inspired by the original mason bag-the same bag that his father and grandfather used to house their supplies.

After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial Design: his career began in Manhattan with several well-known designers and design companies including Donghia, Dakota Jackson, Brunschwig and Fils, Martha Stewart, Starwood Hotels, Paul Mathieu, Victoria Hagan, Thom Filicia and Celerie Kemble.


Razak is The League’s first Artist and true revolutionary who brought the original Gentlemen’s League vision to life.  Adam is most well known for his tattoo inspired art and his original wolf bag that was featured in Vogue.  His work is inspired by animation, heraldic imaginary and nature and he brings an extraordinary perspective to what could have been an ordinary view. Graffiti, fashion, tattoos and comics are his world in Brooklyn, New York where his artwork nails it every single time.


Adam is one of the Gentlemen’s League original artists and he is most well known for his satirical and outlandish illustrations.  He has drawn cartoons and produced editorial illustrations for various publications, but his heart will be in your bag. He offers detailed precision to what you want to convey. Adam’s artistic passion started young and he graduated from the Art Institute, but never lost the real art of bringing your vision to life.


How John Matos got the name CRASH is a story you will want to know. Raised in the Bronx, his artistic talent gained a reputation that transitioned him from train yards to art galleries and instant popularity throughout Europe, Asia and America. Visually iconic, he has partnered with the big guys, and been part of numerous museum and gallery shows around the world, focusing on Graffiti and Street Art. You may want him to CRASH your bag for one of a kind art piece. Extraordinary.


Mark is a painter; in fact, he earned his MFA on a full scholarship to Standford University. He is also an Artistic Director and has exhibited in numerous artistic venues and galleries in New York and around the world. Mark’s resume is impressive and his work, exquisite. With his expertise and talent, your bag will reflect the work of a world-class painter. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he is a Ohio-boy-made good. Incredible.


Lisa paints historical and primitive paintings, portraits and murals from the 18th and 19th century. Her mission is to preserve a part of our national heritage by painting in the styles of the early American itinerant limners.  Anyone wanting this style of art will quite frankly, freak out with her work. She is beyond talented and fully embraced her specific love.  Lisa’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire Home and Early American Life.


Jahan, a Singaporean based in Taiwan, is a visual artist whose roots are firmly entrenched in the polemics of classical and street art. He merges traditional mediums with guerrilla aesthetics to forge an inimitable style. Introducing a fusion of east meets west of aerosol paintings in the streets, he has carried his style into fine art with his controversial CHERRY POP series. Once you meet him, you will never forget him, or his talent.


If you love colorful, imaginative paintings of surreal and whimsical characters, Jennifer if the one. Her background includes a BFA and solo and group exhibitions in venues and galleries in major cities across the United States. She is the perfect artist to bag your playful, wild, untamed self.