How to Wear Bohemian Chic for Winter

It may seem difficult to find a sense of rhapsody amidst the bitter chill of winter, but one should look no further than one’s hippie friend. You know, the Marianne Faithfull look-alike who is quick to loop you into a conversation around the cannabis-infused chocolate she’s dying to make over the holiday season and the Big Sur camping trip she’s planned for winter break? Yes, if you haven’t noticed, this perennial free-spirit hardly ever seems affected by the inclement weather. Taking to dreary snowstorms and seismic blizzards with whimsy, chic, and a batch of mind-bending snacks, the eternal boho never lets winter’s dipping temps bring her mood or style down.

No sleeping-bag puffers or clunky snow boots for our little flower child: She’s more inclined to hit her local snow tundra like a ’70s goddess. Fluffy furs, floppy hats, velvet knee-high boots, and layering ribbed turtlenecks under her frilly frocks. It’s a look that allows us to tap into the feeling of warmer months better than any sunlamp could do. So try layering a vibrant pair of Johnstons cable-knit cashmere socks under Duro Olowu’s abstract bird-print tie-neck crepe dress, and give your winter a jolt of joy. Despite the sun setting at three in the afternoon, Anna Sui’s faux-fur coat can offer your day a bright spot, while Chloé’s swingy embroidered cape is the perfect outerwear to wrap up in. Looks like your hippie friend wasn’t tripping after all.

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